Wellgate sports club frequently asked questions in Redding

I’ve never exercised at a club before. How will I know where to start and how to begin?

That's what exactly what we're here for! We know it can be intimidating starting an exercise program at a typical “gym” and that’s just one of the ways we’re different. At Wellgate we make it easy to get started. 

Our experienced and compassionate team will work with you to get you set up for success from the start. Our first priority is to get to know you, your goals and your specific needs as it relates to your health and wellness. This simple but effective step will allow us to make recommendations as to the right classes, programs, workshops and lifestyle seminars that will assist you in achieving long-term success. At Wellgate we encourage healthy and inspired living and offer the tools and experts you need to see incredible results.

How much does a membership to Wellgate cost?

Our memberships are tailored to meet your needs and are simple to understand. Depending on your preference we offer Individual and Couples memberships. Corporate memberships are also available to companies that qualify. You can choose a month-to-month, term or pay-in-full option. 

For information on our membership options and what they include, visit our Memberships page or contact our Membership Sales department.

What’s included in a Wellgate membership?

Redding’s first premium lifestyle club includes an unparalleled level of customer service, spacious environment and a relationship based culture where improving your quality of life comes first.  Your Wellgate membership gives you access to an uncluttered and uncrowded workout facility. You can also attend member only social events, educational workshops and lifestyle seminars. Towel service is complimentary.

You can also add on to your membership with options such as Personal Training, Lifestyle Nutrition Services, results-based programs, and more!

What are my options for paying for a membership?

You can choose a payment plan that best meets your preference. We offer convenient month-to-month, term or pay-in-full membership plans.

I’m not sure if I want to join the Wellgate. Why should I come to Wellgate?

Uncertainty is a good thing! It means you really care about your health and wellness and want to find the “right” place that will truly help you achieve your goals and support you along your journey. In fact, our goal is to make Wellgate your “Third Place” right behind home and work. The best way to know is to come and see the facility and meet the people who will be there to help you along the way. 

Visit our Contact Us page to have one of our Wellgate Associates contact you directly to answer your questions. We can also use that opportunity to schedule a visit to see the facility.

How old do I have to be to join Wellgate?

Wellgate Sports Club is designed to deliver an exceptional experience to the mature residents of Redding. We don’t define “mature” in terms of age, we define it as a lifestyle. Our culture, facilities, amenities, programs and services are structured for this customer. Individuals and couples are welcome to visit us and see if we’re right to you.

I am interested in Personal Training. How can I find out more?

You’ve come to the right place because Wellgate offers personal training specifically designed to meet the needs of our members. We offer one-on-one, small group and even large group training programs, led by our experienced professional and credentialed coaches. For more information on our personal training programs and services visit our Services page.

What group exercise classes are you offering?

Wellgate offers over 150 group exercise classes and programming designed specifically for the needs of our members, including: yoga, mat Pilates, spinning, low impact aerobics, stretch and balance, numerous aqua aerobics featured in the only indoor salt-water pool in Redding and more!

What types of social events and workshops are you offering?

One of our four cultural pillars include “mindset”, which we define as stimulating continuous learning and social engagement. We plan to offer fun member events such as wine/cheese parties, food tastings from Redding’s best restaurants, live music, couples night out and more!

I need to improve my diet. Can Wellgate help?

You are not alone. 75% of us will eventually eat ourselves into the hospital. Diet related disease including obesity is the fastest growing preventable conditions facing our country. Wellgate offers Lifestyle Nutrition Services for members looking for programming, education, knowledge and recommendations regarding their specific needs and long-term goals. We also offer educational workshops, lifestyle seminars and comprehensive results-based programs that include nutritional support and coaching.

I read that Wellgate is for the "mature market and professional". What does that mean?

At Wellgate, we define the “mature market” more as a lifestyle choice than a particular age group. We also are built for a more discerning eye and seem to attract professionals in the government, medical, and office settings.  Wellgate is designed to cater to adults who are looking for a premium experience delivered by a club that truly cares.

Our service culture, quality of facility, the amenities that come standard with the membership and the programs and services we offer are for people who want to feel “pampered” and who seek more from their wellness experiences. We offer amenities and community offers that show our members we want them to stay longer and keep on coming back for more!

Wellgate has an indoor “saltwater pool”. Why saltwater?

The long term health and safety of our members is paramount to us. That is why we offer Redding’s only saltwater indoor pool.

Although most of us have become used to the smell and “sting” of chlorine when swimming in a public pool, it is not the only option for keeping the water clean and safe. Saltwater pool systems use salt to produce the chlorine needed, at much safer levels than traditional chlorine systems. 

The major benefits of saltwater over chlorine include:
1. It is safer to use than chlorine
2. It is gentle on the eyes and skin
3. It produces a “soft water” feel

How is Wellgate different from other gyms around town?

Wellgate is not a gym … it is a club devoted to personalized service and upscale amenities. We represent a lifestyle brand that encourages healthy and inspired living specifically for the mature residents of Redding. 

Offering an unparalleled, all-encompassing member experience, Wellgate will set the bar when it comes to embracing our members including a relationship-based culture, commitment to a comprehensive wellness plan (featuring group exercise classes, personal training, lifestyle nutrition services, educational workshops and lifestyle seminars) and more.

We promise an extraordinary, warm and inviting atmosphere, a culture that fosters and encourages complete wellness, and all of the tools and experts you need to see incredible results.

Wellgate Sports Club Frequently Asked Questions in Redding

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